Why Should The Patient Say Yes to In Office Dental Fluorides

Prevention of decay can starts with great patient education.  A Hygienist is the teacher to great oral health.  The role of this healthcare provider is not to allow managed neglect.   The more that the patient understands the disease process of caries the more he/she will embrace prevention and say 'Yes' to recommended treatment.

Here is the risk that Hygienist should review as they evaluate each patient:

-poor oral hygiene; - lack of regular professional dental care; - active orthodontic treatment combined with poor oral hygiene;-active caries;-eating disorders;-drug and alcohol abuse;-lack of regular;- high levels of caries-causing bacteria in the mouth;-exposed root surfacesof teeth;-decreased salivary flow, resulting in dry mouth;-poor diet;-existing retorations (fillings);-tooth enamel defects;-undergoinghead and neck radiation therapy*

A yes to prevention, is always much less financially than waiting for disease to damage

then repairing the damage. 



* Journal of the American Dental Academy vol 138 page 420 March 2007

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