As the holiday season draws closer and the year end draws near we'd like to remind you to take advantage of your remaining insurance benefits. While some plans run on a fiscal year, most plans have a certain maximum dollar amount they will allow each year and these benefits expire December 31st at midnight. While treatment is never dictated by insurance, if you have any treatment that remains uncompleted, or you have any dental concerns at all, please call us to see how we would be able to help before year end. Many of you participate in Flexible Spending Accounts, some of which also do not roll over into the next year. Give us a call to see how we can help assist you in maximizing these benefits. Our goal is to help you enjoy great oral health. That means that you look good, you feel good, you have strong teeth and gums, and you enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. To give you an even brighter smile we are having a special on custom home teeth whitening packages for the holiday season. ONLY $109.00 (regularly $199.00). Please call us today for details. Best Regards, The Dental Care Center of Decatur Staff

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