Pre- Rinse Peroxyl by Colgate

The American Dental Association (ADA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have requested that a pre-rinse be used prior to all dental procedures.  The pre-rinse should contain a hydrogen peroxide active ingredent.

Peroxyl made by Colgate is an over the counter rinse that fits the pre- rinse discription.

It has many other benefits, one being it helps heal canker sores. 

The CDC and ADA state that Peroxyl kills Covid-19.  This will further act as a prevenative measure when aeresols are generated during dental treatment and cleanings.

At Dental Care center of Decatur it is our mission to protect staff and patients.  The pre- rinse is a measure that is followed prior to and post treatment.  Peroxyl is the rinse of choice for our location and team.

Stay Healthy!


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