Flu and Cold Season is here

When You Have the flu/a cold

Always choose sugar-free medications and drinks

-Water Best

-Sugar-free drinks and medication good

-Sugar drinks and medications with sugars make sure you always rinse your mouth out with water afterwards. This will help prevent decay.


Keep hydrated with the right fluids

-water is best

- Sugar-free sport drinks can give an energy boost and hydrate.

-Low Sugar juice in moderation is okay followed by water to wash away sugars from your teeth is okay


Maintaining your daily hygiene oral health care routine is priceless.  This will help reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth and refresh the oral environment.  Be sure to throw your toothbrush away once the signs and symptoms of the flu/cold has disappeared.  This eliminates the possibility contracting the flu/cold again.


The Signs and symptoms of a cold/flu can create problems. Nasal congestion can lead to dry mouth, when antihistamines and decongestants are used.  Keeping the mouth moist with water, sucking sugar-free candy, humidifier use and nasal saline spray are all good support actions to decrease dry mouth.  This in return decreases decay.

Vomiting can also occur.  If you do experience vomiting wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth,  as the stomach acid can soften the enamel.  The use of a baking soda rinse (1 tsp baking soda with 10 ounces of water) by swishing then spit out will help neutralize the stomach acid.  







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