Dental Care Center of Decatur a Safe Place for Dental Treatment! Read Why

We are doing so much in preparation to be ready for our patients at the Dental Care Center of Decatur! To over prepare is the only way to be for the risk with COVID-19 , while we are starting to resume our normal lives. Some but not all of the steps we are taking to help create the best treatment environment are below. We are constantly building on the below to enhance what we do. New HVAC systems with Media filters and UV lights zinc ceramic plates to treat and circulate the air in the building. The added bonus is hydrogen peroxide molecules develop in the air as a natural occurrence when using this system pictured below. Peroxyl Mouth Rinse made by Colgate or similar rinses contains 1.5% peroxide as the active ingredient and required to be used prior to dental appointments due to Covid-19. Add an I QAIR Health Pro with an M25 filter for the reception area and this is what Dental Care Center of Decatur is Doing to create the Safest and Best Dental Treatment Environment. The Staff will be well protected with PPE so NOT to create uneasiness, but to reassure ALL who desire Dental Treatment That you and your family are at the right place! We will earn your confidence by going above and beyond CDC recommendations for all treatment rendered within our dental facility. Staggered appointment schedules with wait in your Car Appointments ensures minimizing exposure. We can text or call when it is your time to be treated. We run on time so no worries! Noncontact temperature readings staff and patients Each day we are adding and revising in preparation to eventually resume treating all patient needs. Walk-ins and new patients we can accommodate. Call US if you need US for your Dental Needs @ 770 939 9779 press 3 to get Dr Lynn Livingston #yoursaftey #dentaldoneright #beandStayHealthy! We will be ready when your ready if and when you need us! TEAM DCCD

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