Dental Care Center of Decatur is here to help with All Dental Needs

We at Dental Care Center of Decatur not only have been treating emergency patients, but have been working on creating a safer environment for our employees and patients when the Shelter In Place is lifted. Currently, we have installed new heating and cooling systems in our building to reduce harmful airborne particles. These systems will reprocess the air within the whole building continuously to remove and kill bacteria and viruses via Halo Led units with zinc plates. These air systems will be outfitted with media filters which will further create the safest dental treatment areas. All Hygiene rooms will have separate floor models with internal UV sanitizers in place, as well as the reception area. Additionally we have added extraoral treatment vacuums for each Hygienist to lessen and capture treatment aresols. Along with the CDC and ADA Guidelines being followed, yo may rest assured we will be prepared to handle all your dental needs in a safe, secure and trusted manner. At Dental Care Center of Decatur we have planned for the future and the current trend of increased cases being experienced while the country reopens. Bless our country and patients!

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