Covid-19 Brings Stress To Crowns and Teeth!

These times are tough for all of us, especially our teeth.  The amount of pressure being applied to the teeth can be as high as 3200 PSI (pressure per square inch) when folks are under stress during clenching/grinding.  Add being sick or depressed and we are just not taking as good of care of ourselves.  Then the limit of shelter in place factor and we get out of our normal routines.

Helpful dental tips that can help save your natural teeth and your past treatment:

1) Relax we are all in this together!

2) Specific Social Media Sites have great relaxation videos, just type in 'relaxation scences'

3) Wear your occlusal guard if you have had one fabricated by the Dentist or order a sports mouth guard off line use as a shock absorber if you find yourself clenching or grinding.

4) Keep That Oral Hygiene Care Routine at home; what dentist does not stress floss and brush atleast two times a day. This is so important especially if you are now off track with your hygiene recalls.  A fluoride (ACT Rinse as an example) rinse right before bedtime, priceless for the nutrients to the teeth.

5) If an emergency comes up (crown off, bridge off and /or fractured tooth/teeth) no worries, call we can help 770 939 9779 press 3 for a direct call with Dr. Livingston and Team!

Stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing all of you soon!

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