Coronavirus and Dental Care Center of Decatur

1) washing hands and the use of handsanitizer manadtory for all staff and highly encourageed by all of our patients.  We provide handsanitizer!

2) barriers are to be used at all times such as gloves, smocks,  mask and liners for objects that are frequently touched.

3) wiping with a disinfectant of door knobs pens and any object that is shared has been added to our normal routines.

4) we are advising all patients who have been out of country, running a fever, coughing, braething problems.

and not filling well to postpone his or her appointment.

5) we are also reassuring all patients if you need us for a dental emergency we will accomidate.

6)  We will always consider our patients saftey first!

7) Handshaking will be limited and social distant will be respected.

8) Please also if you have traveled within the US.


Thank You All and Stay Healthy

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