A Hygienist Main Role

One of the major roles of a Hygienist is education.  A great Hygienist is one who can communicate and help the patient achieve oral health stability.  One great aid a Hygienist or Dentist may use is disclosing agent (the blue or pink dye).  What can be seen can be removed!

It shows all the live bacteria accommulation on the teeth and soft tissue.  This is the Plaque and calculus that is always described by Dental Professionals.  With a mirror or an intra oral camera the Hygienist can easily point out areas of concern and can go on to demonstrate how to manage the bacteria. Certain dental aides (toothbrush, floss, interdental brush and electric tooth brushes) can be demostrated chairside on how to mechanically remove the bacteri.  This is the key to stability and health.  With good health habits the patient is less likey to have dental needs created by disease.

Therefore, a great Hygienist will always guide the patient to be procative with homecare.  

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